The Matrix Resurrections
Music Preparation
Warner Bros.
Music by Johnny Klimek/Tom Tykwer
Orchestrated by Gene Pritsker/Justin Bell
Recorded by LCO, Abbey Road Studio 1 and 2

The Mating Game - Episodes 1-5
Music Preparation
BBC, Silverback Films
Music by Tom Howe
Orchestrated by David Butterworth/Evan Rogers

Recorded at AIR Studios, The Hall

Last Night In Soho (Promotional Songs)
Music Librarian
Recorded at Abbey Road, Studio 1

Bluebeard's Castle

Music Preparation
Theatre of Sound
Conducted by Stephen Higgins

LCO Live from the Etihad Stadium
Music Librarian

LCO Live from The Southbank Centre
Music Librarian

If Walls Could Talk (Podcast)
Music by Will Farmer


Dying Light 2
Assistant Music Preparation
Music by Olivier Deriviere
Orchestrated by Hugh Brunt
Recorded by LCO, Abbey Road Studio 1

The F Word (Podcast)
Produced by TBI Media
Music by Will Farmer